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Eight ways to overcome fear

FEAR is a normal physiological reaction necessary for survival.


Though many forms of fear exist, eventually, types of fear fall into two groups.

  • One: Triggered by our knowledge and awareness, for example, We know that reckless driving can cause a lot of trouble and often affect others badly.
  • Two: Phobias caused by overreacting to the unknown prompt us to overthink and predict a negative outcome. What triggers these? Our education, experience and upbringing are typical factors.


Sources of human Energy: Where Can We Obtain Them?

I have gotten a lot of positive feedback about energy and where it comes from.

Today I want to complete this topic and write in detail about what kind of energy exists and what affects it.

If you do not have energy and strength, find the points that are taking your power and eliminate them from your life.⠀

Save this post and reread it when you have no energy and no wish to do something.


How can we lose it?

What techniques do coaches use for their work?

"What techniques do you use?": is one of the most frequent questions. So I'll try to answer it now.

I have studied many techniques, more than 20 exactly, and considered all of the most popular currently available in modern vocational guidance.

But any technique cannot cover and account for everything. So one process has its pros and cons; another has other pros and cons.

What will they think and say about me?

Fear of public opinion. It's one of the most common fears that prevent us from achieving what we want. 

When we start doing something new, for some reason, we care very much about what other people think about us, although they don't care what you do at all; they have enough problems of their own.

You can recognise this fear in yourself through the following symptoms:

I do not want to decide anything!

Oh, I do not want to decide anything; I want someone else to do this.

Do I want to? But I also want to find someone who will make decisions for me. 

I wanted to lie under a palm tree and drink a cold mojito, and my wallet was full of currency. The more I spend, the more I get. What a thrill! 

I also want to yell to my butler, "Jacques, Jacques. Where the hell have you been? I've got friends coming for dinner. Tell the cook to have quails ready by 6:00 and get me a 20-year-old semi-dry red wine. Oh, and have the pool cleaned."

The ability to say essential words!

The other day I heard an excellent dialogue between a mother and her 4-5 years old son. They were taking a long walk, and the child became cranky because he was tired of walking. 

The mother said, "Daniel, I'm tired too. It's also hard for me, but we must continue walking. As soon as you and I get home, we'll rest together. But, please, think about how you can help yourself now. You realize you have to go anyway, and it's up to you how and when you get there."