VALUES An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Peace of mind comes when your life is in harmony with true principles and values and in no other way. Stephen R. Covey.


It was vile ago; I was offered a lucrative contract job in Majorca. They were ready to pay me much more than the market rate, as well as cover my accommodation and pay for home travel twice a month; that's flights back home fortnightly. Tempting, Isn't it?.

I was imagining looking outside the window of my sea-view apartment, my wife and my family and being there too.

Three personal development laws that will help you to cope with depression.

I will share three personal growth and development laws that can help you to tackle moments of deepest lows; depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

It may come as a surprise for you: I am suffering from depression. Occasionally the panic and anxiety attacks can be so severe that I have considered committing suicide.
And, yet through years of suffering, I have learned to cope with such situations.

Your Key To Success: PERSISTENCE

"Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel." Napoleon Hill


Well, you may not feel comfortable about the source where this story is taken; trust me - it's the best and hits the nail on the head.

In the Bible, there was a story about a woman pleading with a corrupt and evil judge (Luke 18:1-8). Though he is corrupt, and likely judges, fairly only in case of a lucrative bribe. But, as we read, he says he doesn't; he does not fear, neither god nor human.

Three main factors of an effective team you can't afford to miss!

All-star teams fail because they rely solely on the individual's talent. The Soviets win because they take that talent and use it inside a system that's designed for the betterment of the team.

Herb Brooks

Whenever I am asked to provide the main factors for building up an effective team, this quote comes into mind. However, I am absolutely dazzled by the last six words: "for the betterment of the team".

Hence, there must be something or a set of things you must implement and do for the betterment of the team.