How to get paid well?

Who gets paid a lot? So how do you raise your game and receive a full fee for your products and services?

You've tumbled around these questions in your head quite a lot.

I want to share Solomon's seven principles of endeavour back in the day. These qualities made him the wealthiest man in the history of humanity, and no one has ever been able to outrun him.

How can a coach help you to have a better life?

Over the past couple of years, I've been doing many coaching sessions with people from all backgrounds. I am amazed to see people's reactions when they dive into the coaching experience. I find it difficult to discern the correct wording to uncover their emotions and feelings: a bouquet of joy, amazement, elevation, jubilation and confidence. These are just a few.


What will they think and say about me?

Fear of public opinion. It's one of the most common fears that prevent us from achieving what we want. 

When we start doing something new, for some reason, we care very much about what other people think about us, although they don't care what you do at all; they have enough problems of their own.

You can recognise this fear in yourself through the following symptoms: