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Sources of human Energy: Where Can We Obtain Them?

I have gotten a lot of positive feedback about energy and where it comes from.

Today I want to complete this topic and write in detail about what kind of energy exists and what affects it.

If you do not have energy and strength, find the points that are taking your power and eliminate them from your life.⠀

Save this post and reread it when you have no energy and no wish to do something.


How can we lose it?

What techniques do coaches use for their work?

"What techniques do you use?": is one of the most frequent questions. So I'll try to answer it now.

I have studied many techniques, more than 20 exactly, and considered all of the most popular currently available in modern vocational guidance.

But any technique cannot cover and account for everything. So one process has its pros and cons; another has other pros and cons.

How can a coach help you to have a better life?

Over the past couple of years, I've been doing many coaching sessions with people from all backgrounds. I am amazed to see people's reactions when they dive into the coaching experience. I find it difficult to discern the correct wording to uncover their emotions and feelings: a bouquet of joy, amazement, elevation, jubilation and confidence. These are just a few.


How can a Coach help you solve your problems?

Coaching is a system of methods and techniques to help a person make a decision on their own. A coach does not give advice, does not solve a problem for a client, and does not persuade or discourage the client.

The coach's task is to reveal the client's potential, show him that he already has the resources to achieve what he wants, and show what those resources are and how they can be used. That's why a coach can only come to the rescue when called upon. Simply put, you can only do coaching if you are asked.

The ability to say essential words!

The other day I heard an excellent dialogue between a mother and her 4-5 years old son. They were taking a long walk, and the child became cranky because he was tired of walking. 

The mother said, "Daniel, I'm tired too. It's also hard for me, but we must continue walking. As soon as you and I get home, we'll rest together. But, please, think about how you can help yourself now. You realize you have to go anyway, and it's up to you how and when you get there."

Five tips to Avoid Goal Fatigue - Law of Reflection

Every now and again, you may bump into a situation where suddenly, and seemingly out of nowhere; you stop hitting your goals; you seem to be a little distracted.

You may feel burned out and overwhelmed.

Part of that comes from the intensity to follow through on a goal. That can take up much energy, you know, that mental focus of being able to stick with it.

You may find that you are entirely unfocused. You may say to yourself things like; I don't know, I'm just feeling burnt out, I don't see through, what's the next step, and so on.