How can a coach help you to have a better life?

Over the past couple of years, I've been doing many coaching sessions with people from all backgrounds. I am amazed to see people's reactions when they dive into the coaching experience. I find it difficult to discern the correct wording to uncover their emotions and feelings: a bouquet of joy, amazement, elevation, jubilation and confidence. These are just a few.


I do not want to decide anything!

Oh, I do not want to decide anything; I want someone else to do this.

Do I want to? But I also want to find someone who will make decisions for me. 

I wanted to lie under a palm tree and drink a cold mojito, and my wallet was full of currency. The more I spend, the more I get. What a thrill! 

I also want to yell to my butler, "Jacques, Jacques. Where the hell have you been? I've got friends coming for dinner. Tell the cook to have quails ready by 6:00 and get me a 20-year-old semi-dry red wine. Oh, and have the pool cleaned."

Why is dialogue so important?

I often think about what is behind a person's desire to impose their point of view. Is this an attempt to amuse their ego? The urge to assert themselves and pat themselves on the back, "how good am I"?

⠀Usually, low self-esteem and intolerance of other people's opinions are generally behind this.

⠀Can we talk about accepting and respecting the interlocutor's opinion in this case? Nope. A person who agrees with the diversity of the world and the people in it will never shove their valuable "how it should be, or I know better" into you.