Why is there only what we want to have in our lives?

It is a paradox, yet the human brain is self-protective; hence we always assume the worst-case scenario. That's our comfort zone. However, with a little effort, there is a better way to an abundant life.


Let's take a look at this conversation.


A wise teacher once said to his student:

- Please look around this room and try to find everything in it that is brown.

The young man looked around. There were many brown objects: wooden picture frames, a sofa, a curtain rod, book covers and many other minor things.

Why is it important to understand your emotions?

Emotions have much more influence than we think. Even our lack of emotion affects us in specific ways. 


Failure to understand our emotions leads to a person not preventing their destructive effects in time, which has sad consequences. 


We react to events, words, and circumstances through the prism of our emotions. If we understand them, current events will be preserved, leading us to understand the world and the people around us. 


Let's cover a few examples:

Eight ways to overcome fear

FEAR is a normal physiological reaction necessary for survival.


Though many forms of fear exist, eventually, types of fear fall into two groups.

  • One: Triggered by our knowledge and awareness, for example, We know that reckless driving can cause a lot of trouble and often affect others badly.
  • Two: Phobias caused by overreacting to the unknown prompt us to overthink and predict a negative outcome. What triggers these? Our education, experience and upbringing are typical factors.


How to get paid well?

Who gets paid a lot? So how do you raise your game and receive a full fee for your products and services?

You've tumbled around these questions in your head quite a lot.

I want to share Solomon's seven principles of endeavour back in the day. These qualities made him the wealthiest man in the history of humanity, and no one has ever been able to outrun him.

Sources of human Energy: Where Can We Obtain Them?

I have gotten a lot of positive feedback about energy and where it comes from.

Today I want to complete this topic and write in detail about what kind of energy exists and what affects it.

If you do not have energy and strength, find the points that are taking your power and eliminate them from your life.⠀

Save this post and reread it when you have no energy and no wish to do something.


How can we lose it?

How can a Coach help you solve your problems?

Coaching is a system of methods and techniques to help a person make a decision on their own. A coach does not give advice, does not solve a problem for a client, and does not persuade or discourage the client.

The coach's task is to reveal the client's potential, show him that he already has the resources to achieve what he wants, and show what those resources are and how they can be used. That's why a coach can only come to the rescue when called upon. Simply put, you can only do coaching if you are asked.

I do not want to decide anything!

Oh, I do not want to decide anything; I want someone else to do this.

Do I want to? But I also want to find someone who will make decisions for me. 

I wanted to lie under a palm tree and drink a cold mojito, and my wallet was full of currency. The more I spend, the more I get. What a thrill! 

I also want to yell to my butler, "Jacques, Jacques. Where the hell have you been? I've got friends coming for dinner. Tell the cook to have quails ready by 6:00 and get me a 20-year-old semi-dry red wine. Oh, and have the pool cleaned."