Why is there only what we want to have in our lives?

It is a paradox, yet the human brain is self-protective; hence we always assume the worst-case scenario. That's our comfort zone. However, with a little effort, there is a better way to an abundant life.


Let's take a look at this conversation.


A wise teacher once said to his student:

- Please look around this room and try to find everything in it that is brown.

The young man looked around. There were many brown objects: wooden picture frames, a sofa, a curtain rod, book covers and many other minor things.

Three personal development laws that will help you to cope with depression.

I will share three personal growth and development laws that can help you to tackle moments of deepest lows; depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

It may come as a surprise for you: I am suffering from depression. Occasionally the panic and anxiety attacks can be so severe that I have considered committing suicide.
And, yet through years of suffering, I have learned to cope with such situations.