How can a coach help you to have a better life?

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Over the past couple of years, I've been doing many coaching sessions with people from all backgrounds. I am amazed to see people's reactions when they dive into the coaching experience. I find it difficult to discern the correct wording to uncover their emotions and feelings: a bouquet of joy, amazement, elevation, jubilation and confidence. These are just a few.


Nevertheless, all of them have shared their distrust and doubt about what a coach does, especially before reaching out to me. Some admitted that this word looked more like a trendy fashion and a cliche rather than something useful. 


To compile it in one sentence: "Only a few truly get the benefits of having a personal coach!". Hence, the typical question I get is: "What's in it for me, and how can you help me?"


What is the best way to approach me as a coach?

To put it bluntly, if you have any goal and don't know how to reach it!

Reminder! A coach does not give recommendations and advice! Please read my previous post on how coaching works. 

You will discover and follow through your way to your goal! I will only guide you correctly and ask the right questions to help you understand how to reach your goal!

Examples of requests you can come to me with:

  • You've realised what you want to do but don't know what to do next;
  • You want to know the next steps in your self-realisation;
  • You want to understand yourself and get answers to various questions;
  • You want to decide in a situation of choice;
  • You want to deal with your fears, phobias and anxieties;
  • Or maybe you want to reach a goal but don't know how to do it;
  • You've just been through struggle and difficulties, and you don't know how to conceive new ideas and dreams;
  • You want to make a new beginning;
  • You know your vision, yet you fail in life's challenges and other commitments: work and family.


... and so on! Any request on the way to any goal or dream!


And, every so often, the coach's job is to help you find a healthy balance between your personal goals and other commitments.


That's on the individual level; imagine the influence on the team and organisation.


I use multiple coaching methods, programs and models to disclose the best outcome for my clients. Often I boldly combine them for a better effect.


Intrigued? I'll take the first five people for voluntary payment! Do not delay, and do not hesitate to reach out and get a better life.